GoalPOSTS® is a goal visualisation and goal realisation model and process, used by individuals and teams, designed and developed by Keith Hackett FRSA in 2005 as a creative means to overcome a specific challenge.

The GoalPOSTS® Model

Aim of GoalPOSTS®
GoalPOSTS® provides a pragmatic approach for a person, or group, to visualise, and realise a goal, or goals.

Premise of GoalPOSTS®
GoalPOSTS® provides the framework and process to anchor lived and imagined experiences (our narrative, our stories), using stories as an essential element to both glue our past, present and possible futures, together, and provide the foundations for discovering our goals.

About Keith Hackett FRSA

Keith qualified as a professional, executive performance coach in 2003. He undertook an ILM-7 certified programme through the School of Coaching (London), quality assured by the University of Strathclyde, and has relied upon this exceptional, Masters-level professional development, to provide senior performance coaching and coaching-enabled senior project management, to micro, SME, not-for-profit and, FTSE 500 business, across the private and public sectors.

As well as providing expert coaching solutions, Keith continues to work in and with, predominantly, public sector organisations as a business services / performance improvement & IT; hybrid; principal management consultant, and programme /senior projects manager.

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