GoalPOSTS© is a goal visualisation and goal realisation model and process, used by individuals and teams.

It was designed and developed by Keith Hackett FRSA in 2005 as a creative means to overcome a specific challenge. Keith had been hired as a contract Project Manager to turnaround the delayed delivery of a Patient Administration System (PAS) at a central London acute hospital NHS trust. The reason for the delay was that the two senior teams responsible for delivering the PAS, one clinical and the other senior administrative, had reached what appeared to be an overwhelming impasse, where communication and cooperation had come to a virtual halt.

Keith suggested using coaching as a means to identify the blockers and enablers of communication and cooperation, moving past the impasse and deliver the PAS. Keith introduced GoalPOSTS© to the teams, and they quickly understood how the visualisation and realisation functions of the model could be used, both independently and in tandem to overcome their difficulties. As a result of adopting GoalPOSTS© the PAS was delivered on time and in budget.

Please visit the “About GoalPOSTS©” page to learn more about the model and process.