GoalPOSTS™ helps you start!

It is a coaching model and process, energising the journey from visualisation to realisation by using personal stories linking the past, the present, and possible futures, together.

The GoalPOSTS™ Model

How GoalPOSTS™ Works

Starting is like planting a seed. It’s the genesis, the spark that ignites the journey.

This is why knowing how to start is crucial because it helps shape purpose and meaning. Purpose gives what we all do, energy, depth, and focus. It’s the compass guiding our actions. Having a process which helps us to reflect upon and understand our purpose helps to make what we do, better. Getting started requires courage. It’s the leap into the unknown and even if initial efforts are challenging, knowing how to start helps reduce our fear, providing the first stage of achievement toward realising a vision.

The six elements of GoalPOSTS™: Goal, Position, Options, Survey, Tasks, and Story, help you work out where to start, what to start with, how to continue, and an idea of where you want to stop. All elements are as equal in importance as one another; it is how they are used at a moment in time, that one or more may be more important to you than another.

If you have an idea of what your goal is, you will have the time to discover and develop your purpose, giving clarity, improving control of what you do, providing you with more defined and narrowing options, and goal realisation, through your activities and actions.

Equally, GoalPOSTS™ has been designed so that you do not need to have pre-defined your goal. Your goal can emerge from how you start and what you do.

This is the win : win of using GoalPOSTS™.