GoalPOSTS™ is a coaching model and process, linking the past, present, and possible futures, together through personal stories, utilising a pragmatic discovery and activity process, enabling goal visualisation and goal realisation. Keith Hackett FRSA designed and first used GoalPOSTS™ in 2005, as a creative means to address and overcome embedded team relationship challenges at a London NHS hospital, preventing the deployment and mobilisation of a new Patient Administration System.

The GoalPOSTS™ Model

How GoalPOSTS™ Works

GoalPOSTS™ helps people work towards achieving their goals. It is composed of six key elements – Goal, Position, Options, Survey, Tasks, and Story. Stories are essential to how GoalPOSTS™ works. The stories we have lived; the ones we tell ourselves and each other, combine to help us both discover and define, where we are, what we’re doing, how we are feeling, and what we want to create for ourselves.

As a coaching model which is used for both goal visualisation and goal realisation, the starting point for both may not be that obvious. The manner in which GoalPOSTS™ is designed, enables both challenges to be addressed. If you have already visualised your goals, it can be easier to realise them, because as you work towards them, you are discovering / creating your purpose; enabling clarity and creating a pathway, whilst providing for increased control over your activities and actions. Equally, if you have many ideas on where you want to go, but are not yet clear on which direction to head in, the discovery you undertake, assists in creating your purpose, greater clarity is the result, proving you with more defined and narrowing options of different pathways, whilst giving you improved control over your activities and actions, on your way to visualising and realising your goal(s).