GoalPOSTS™ is a coaching model and process, using personal stories linking your past, present, and possible futures, together. Evidence shows that using GoalPOSTS™ enables creative goal visualisation, and empowering goal realisation.

The GoalPOSTS™ Model

How GoalPOSTS™ Works

GoalPOSTS™ helps people identify and achieve their goals.

It is has six key elements – Goal, Position, Options, Survey, Tasks, and Story. Stories are essential to how GoalPOSTS™ works. The stories we have lived, the ones we tell ourselves and each other, combine to help us both discover and define, where we are, what we’re doing, how we are feeling, and what we want to do.

GoalPOSTS™ has been designed so that you do not need to have pre-defined your goal. Your goal can emerge from what you do.

If you have already visualised your goal(s), it can be more straightforward to realise them. Your actions and activities help you to reflect upon what you are discovering and developing your purpose, enabling clarity and giving you greater control. Equally, if you have a number of ideas on where you want to go, but are not clear on the direction to head in, the discovery you undertake through actions and activities, assists in creating your purpose, greater clarity results, providing you with more defined and narrowing options, resulting in goal visualisation and identification.

This is the win : win of using GoalPOSTS™.