GoalPOSTS™ & Keith Hackett

Keith Hackett FRSA

Keith qualified as a professional, executive performance coach in 2003. He undertook a year-long, ILM-7 certified programme through the London School of Coaching, quality assured and awarded by the University of Strathclyde. Keith has relied upon this exceptional, Masters-level professional development, to provide senior performance coaching and coaching-enabled change to micro, SME, not-for-profit and, FTSE 500 business, across the private and public sectors.

GoalPOSTS™ was created out of necessity. Keith was asked to turnaround a delayed deployment and mobilisation of an essential system at a London NHS hospital. He discovered that some of the senior teams responsible for delivering this system, behaved in a highly dysfunctional manner and Keith suggested using coaching as a tool to identify a pathway out of the impasse. Keith was very surprised to be confronted by a few leaders who were sceptical about using coaching, until he introduced GoalPOSTS™ to them, demonstrating that coaching could provide for both enabled self-discovery, and transparent, measured, performance.